G-Star and Pharrell Williams Present Raw Suit Collection

G-Star and Pharrell Williams | Present Raw Suit Collection

When Pharrell Williams became co-owner of G-Star Raw, the announcement was met with praise and excitement due to the Grammy Award-winning producer’s propensity for making great fashion risks and decisions. The latest decision from Pharrell is the inception of the G-Star Raw Suit collection.

The G-Star Raw Suit collection is comprised of five striped and checked coverall styles crafted with Savile Row tailoring. The coveralls are a symbol of equality and empowerment, according to the Amsterdam-based label, but we can’t help but think of the railroad, factory, and steel mill worker uniforms from yesteryear.

Speaking of workwear, the collection’s supporting campaign is set in an office where a man and woman unintentionally procrastinate on the job. The office is an unexpected but fitting setting, considering the coveralls’ old school and present day workwear combination.

The collection first debuted at Complexcon in California in November, and is available today at G-Star stores and online.


Photos | Courtesy of G-Star