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Gabrielle Chanel Fragrance Fashion Film Starring Kristen Stewart


Before there was Coco Chanel there was simply Gabrielle and this deep connection to the brand’s inception and creative blossoming is incredibly fitting for Chanel’s first new fragrance since 2002’s Chance.

The campaign stars regular Chanel ambassador Kristen Stewart as the new face of Chanel and her rebellious attitude and swagger are perfect for this film, which deals with themes of personal expression, liberation and individuality.

The set-up for the film is simple, but deeply symbolic and filled with visual metaphors and possible interpretations. It shows Stewart tangled up in an elaborate web of cloth that she attempts to break free and escape from. In the opening shots the web creates a sort of womb that Stewart crawls through, a visual representation of the idea of rebirth and conception.

Director Ringan Ledwidge has stated that the primary theme of the film is the concept of liberation and that in many ways the film could be seen as a metaphor for Coco Chanel’s life and growth. Through this lens we can see that the visual of Kristen Stewart escaping the womb and running with every ounce of her might to escape the webs of cloth is a metaphor for Coco Chanel’s own struggles to liberate herself from the restraints society placed on her as a woman and her resolution to carve out a piece of the fashion world for herself and become this new person, Coco.

Chanel’s campaign for their Gabrielle fragrance is a stunningly beautiful display of visual artistry with great attention to detail and a powerful message beneath its alluring imagery. The campaign takes the simple fashion film format and does something distinct and interesting with it especially with its use of visual metaphor, showing its dedication to true creativity.


Director | Ringan Ledwidge 
Model | Kristen Stewart
Music | Runnin’ (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy ft. Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin