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WEDNESDAY NY helps the GAP get back on track


While Wall Street pundits are more than happy to share their two cents on the state of the GAP, we here at The Impression know that brands go through soft cycles before returning to their core heritage and focusing to find success.

Does America’s largest specialty retailer need right sizing, a revitalized merchandise assortment and store revamps? Certainly. Has its marketing message taken a wrong turn in the past several years and needed course correction? Yep. Is this a situation that time and time again brands find themselves in? Most definitely. (Will the brand continue to make gaffs like their recent kids campaign that cause social media to ignite? Who knows. People are too quick to judge without knowing all the facts. She was the other girl’s sister and a shy young lady at that.)

Social media aside, it isn’t too late for GAP. Righting scale, design, and marketing is all doable. Is all that doable under the pressures of the public market?  Hopefully. But the brand certainly has a place in the market and even more certainly a place in our collective advertising consciousness. GAP is an American advertising great, so it is with much fanfare that we look at the current campaign under the leadership of Wednesday NY’s Erik Torstensson, who doubled down as photographer on their recent spring 2016 campaign.

The campaign goes back to the simplicity of offering, denim, and defines its core audience, the “New Generation.”  Old school becomes new school as it focuses back on more than just the heritage of denim, it recalls the imagery defined by the retailer under their successful partnership with Trey Laird and Laird+Partners. Torstensson does help the house bring the clean concept forward, even evolving it by adding motion as surfers, skateboarders, parachuters, and wheel burners pepper the commercial spot all set to guitar riffs. It is a foundation to build anew and one we hope the retailer rides through for fall, owning print (which is sorely missed), digital, and a phenomenal Q3 TV spot, of which we recommend adding in a celebrity component.

It would appear that the wheels are turning at the GAP and the brand is once again in motion. Hopefully this time they have the fortitude to stay the course rather than trying to drive toward the new normal.


Agency | Wednesday NY
Video Director | Erik Torstensson
Photographer | David Sims
Models | Darius Johnson, Fei Fei Sun, George Barnett, Julia van Os, Laura Julie, Malaika Firth, & Malcolm Lindberg
Stylist | Alastair McKimm
Hair | Guido Palau
Makeup | Diane Kendal