Gap Denim fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Johannes Leonardo


Denim fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Johannes Leonardo

The world has birthed a generation unlike any of its predecessors. Today, being who you are and finding comfort in the embodiment of what creates personal identity has never been easier. That moment requires a different form of storytelling full of inclusivity and dynamism.

Gap has been on the pulse of cultural moments for the past fifty years, the cultural American clothing brand once again has shifted their lens to fit the moment of today’s generation with their latest campaign “It’s Our Denim Now.”

Moving to the lyrics of Ndidi O’s Move Together, the Gap models cohesively dance, walk, and creatively change into Gap jeans as they get ready to make a difference in the world. The whole campaign inspires and invites today’s generation to work together in efforts of giving the world an optimistic future. Photographer Tyler Mitchell captures models in a wide range of denim fits, showing the Gap’s attentive design that each pair of jeans should fit uniquely you. The Gap denim campaign adds inclusivity and attentiveness to each and every person in today’s world. 

“Fall is momentous for Gap as we celebrate our 50th anniversary and the new era of the brand. With ‘It’s Our Denim Now’ being my first major campaign, we wanted to make an impactful statement visually and celebrate Gap’s heritage as a denim leader while cementing its future as a brand for all generations. This is only the beginning of what’s to come.”

Alegra O’Hare, Gap Chief Marketing Officer

The campaign, “It’s Our Denim Now,” was developed in collaboration with agency Johannes Leonardo. Creative director of Johannes Leonardo, Samira Ansari, calls upon the importance denim has had in fashion in being a form of self-expression and individuality. Gap’s dedication to advertising to the next generation champions diversity and empowers all through the versatility of Gap denim.

While the campaign is rich in current cultural relevance and diversity, The Impression has to question its ability to be in the ‘now moment’ of dynamic advertising. It takes a great deal to cut through the volume of advertisements of the thousands that are being promoted through social media, magazines, billboards, etc. This campaign completes the job of incorporating a inclusive and feel-good vibe; however, the emotional connectivity and mesmerization needed to stand out in the trenches of advertisements is somewhat lacking here.

Tyler Mitchell’s and Johannes Leonardo’s capturing of an empowering, cohesive denim movement shows that Gap jeans are for anyone and everyone. We are hoping that this feel-good campaign is enough to draw in the consumer and has the current generation believing that, “It’s Our Denim Now.”

Gap Chief Marketing Officer | Alegra O’Hare
Agency | Johannes Leonardo
Creative Director | Samira Ansari
Photographer | Tyler Mitchell
Film Director | Fleur Fortune
Music | Move Together by Ndidi O

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