Gap Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Gap “Dream The Future” Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign by Christian Weber & choreography by Ryan Heffington

Gap introduces their Holiday 2020 campaign “Dream The Future”, celebrating optimism and togetherness. Following the brand’s “Fall Be The Future” and “Stand United” campaigns, Gap invites everyone to dream towards a brighter future together with messages of “love”, “hope” and “joy”.

“Dream The Future” looks to amplify hope that the racial and social divides between us will not exist for future generations. The campaign launched on national television and digitally to a reimagined demo of “Dream Baby Dream,” by singer and songwriter Karen O; dreams of hope for a brighter 2021.

As we approach the end of a challenging year, we recognize that our country is fatigued and longing for a sense of unity. We must continue to look forward and promise to create a better future together. We’re optimistic that we can celebrate, not just our differences, but our common humanity.

— Mary Alderete, Global Head of Gap marketing

Directed by award-winning photographer and director, Christian Weber, the campaign celebrates the shared emotions that connect humanity, expressed through motion by dancer and celebrity choreographer, Ryan Heffington. The creatives champion diversity, showcasing a community of family, friends, and strangers uniting and igniting each other with words that describe outlooks for a better tomorrow. An offshoot of the main spot features a connected expression of improvised dance by artists Lil Buck and Myles Yachts, shot in one take.

Dance is a universal language that can express the endless emotions of humans. With this holiday campaign for Gap, it was a pleasure to execute in physical form what the holidays exude. In times like these, it’s important to celebrate the gifts in life, our relationships, and community alike. May this project inspire and remind people that hope, warmth, and happiness is worth sharing during this holiday season.

— Ryan Heffington, Choreographer

Gap will be kicking off the campaign with a dance challenge on social media and will make a donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of America for every dance challenge video posted (up to $50,000). Stay tuned for dance challenge details to be announced in November.

Gap Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
Gap Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Global Head of Gap Marketing | Mary Alderete
Director | Christian Weber
Photographer | Christian Weber
Choreographer | Ryan Heffington
Talent | Lil Buck and Myles Yachts
Music | “Dream Baby Dream” by Karen O