Holiday 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Gap Holiday 2021 Ad Campaign by Gap Global Creative Director Len Peltier and Director Mark Romanek with Talent Katy Perry

Gap welcomes holiday togetherness with a bright new campaign starring Katy Perry. The Holiday 2021 campaign features creative direction from Len Peltier and film direction by Mark Romanek.

Continuing the brand’s positive direction of modern American optimism, the campaign taps Perry’s uplifting voice and persona for a holiday-ready celebration of positivity, giving, and togetherness. The film follows her across one of many big mornings – she wakes up, gets ready, and heads to the studio to record a performance, which magically transforms into a community holiday celebration, complete with indoor snowfall. Her new cover version of the Beatles’ classic “All You Need Is Love” feels like the perfect soundtrack.

Gap also announced that for each stream of Katy Perry’s cover version of the song on Spotify, which releases the same day as the campaign, they will donate one dollar to Baby2Baby a nonprofit organization that provides children living in poverty with all the basic necessities that every child deserves.

I’m always excited to work with brands that are going the extra mile to make this world a better, happier place. Reimagining one of the most recognizable and emotional songs of our time with an iconic brand like Gap, having such a special and important message, has been a dream. And what better reason to partner than bringing people together to spread joy for the holidays and raise money for Baby2Baby, a charity that’s close to my heart. Children are our future. We need to lift kids and help them find their value, self-worth, and self-respect.

– Katy Perry

With its simple narrative and mega-star talent, the campaign takes Gap’s recent burst of collaborative creativity in a bit more of a simple and commercial direction, but the move feels appropriate for a holiday campaign.

With genuine heart and a commitment to giving, the campaign’s embrace of the holiday spirit is more than just for about the looks. Sure, all you need is love, but everybody wants a bit of Gap.

Gap Global Creative Director | Len Peltier
Gap Global Head of Marketing | Mary Alderete
Director | Mark Romanek
Talent | Katy Perry