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Gap’s Ad Campaign by YARD NYC starring Cher, Future, and Fik- Shun


Earlier this year, Gap released their campaign titled “Bridging the Gap,” where they returned back to their usage of celebrity features. Now, they return with “Meet Me in the Gap,” that continues the idea of bringing unexpected people from different backgrounds together to collaborate in distinctive ways.

This time around Gap partnered with YARD NYC and Chief Creative Officer, Stephen Niedzwiecki, to bring this unscripted project to life. They wanted to go beyond telling, and instead showing what it means to meet in the gap and how meeting and communicating with new people can close the gap between us.

“‘Meet Me in the Gap’ demonstrates what’s possible when people from all different backgrounds and talents come together,” explains Niedzwiecki. “They all met for the first time the day before they went into a studio and created the track together. The spot was then shot based on the original track they had recorded. One of the things that makes the ‘Meet Me in the Gap’ campaign really unique is it was created in real time, each spot coming together based on the magic that happens when great talents meet.

These meet ups are so unexpected and yet so natural for a democratic American brand like the Gap. A brand that authentically reaches across geography, generations and genres.”

When Gap is at its best – its advertising is simple, iconic and creates a feeling of joy. It entertains in surprising ways.

- Stephen Niedzwiecki

The campaign is made up of five short films, all directed by Director X. The first installment of the campaign launched in July. It features a tap-duo, basketball players, and a beat maker titled “Bounce Meet Bounce Meet Bounce.” From there, a series of meet ups continued. The last installment being the most notable, features singer Cher, and rapper Future as they perform the 1969 hit “Everyday People” in their unique voices.



The other campaigns in between also feature unlikely collaborations. One with a yodeler, auctioneer, flutist, and beatboxer uniting to make cool sounds. Another, has an artist painting on a platform while dancer Fik-Shun, dances on it. The last features a jazz trumpeter, and skate group, Lady Lurkers, playing and skating along to music.

The Impression applauds Niedzwiecki, and Craig Brommer, CMO of Gap, work on bringing together such diverse people, and reminding us that “the gap” really isn’t as large as it seems.















Agency | Yard NYC
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer | Stephen Niedzwiecki
Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer | Ruth Bernstein
Executive Creative Director | Dave Clark
Creative Director | David Oscroft
Creative Director | Vasili Gavre
Design Director | Jay Chapman
Art Director | Ahyoung Moon
Designer | Steven Williams
Copy Writer | Kira Pack
Executive Director of Strategy | James Denman
Managing Director | Jarrod Bull
Account Supervisor | Bobby Bush
Head of Production | Judy Anekal
Executive Producer | Kirsten Arongino
Associate Producer | Peter Schwab
Production Company |  Missing Pieces 
Director | Director X 
Edit House | Rock Paper Scissors
Editors | Ted Guard, Carlos Arias 
Music Supervisor | Good Ear
Colorist | CO3
Photography Production Company | North Six  
Photographer | Daniel Jackson 
Talent | Cher, Future, Jake Grizzard, Kaila Mullady, Kata Hay, Tyler Gerald, Christian Scott, Santa Cruz Lady Lurkers, Gloss Black, & Fik- Shun