GCDS Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

A new campaign from GCDS fuses streetwear grime with baroque elegance. The Fall 2020 campaign was shot by French photographer Pierre Ange Carlotti in Nice, France.

Carlotti captures his models among the interior and gardens of a stately villa. This location seems about as far as possible from the “street,” and yet the youthful, energetic, and edgy spirit that is central to the GCDS interpretation of streetwear and inherent in creative director Giuliano Calza’s designs is fully on display. This progressive spirit also seems embodied in the cast – English rapper Bakar, non-binary poet and activist Kai Isaiah Jamal, and pouty young supermodel Stella Lucia. The seemingly contradictory energies of aristocratic refinement and urban everydayness combine in an unexpectedly beautiful way.

Much of the success of this combination is due to Helene Tejedor’s brilliant styling choices. Too-cropped tops reveal elegant silk undergarments; bare torsos are refined with pearls and evening gloves. Pompous powdered wigs are playfully used as costume pieces. Nudity is seductively suggested and tastefully covered up. Realizing a beautiful color scheme of soft pink, gold, and green, Carlotti captures these sexy urban aristocrats in attitudes of playful haughtiness. Their eyes seem to tease us as they look out from their harmonious world of ease.

By reclaiming dated elements of stuffy refinement and fusing them with a youthful spirit of freedom, the campaign suggests a new sort of modern luxury. Binding aristocratic codes give way to personal sovereignty; patriarchal gender norms are destroyed in favor of a gender-fluid sense of self-expression. That the campaign can communicate these ideas through such gorgeous and seemingly simple imagery is a testament to the vision of Pierre Ange Carlotti and the entire GCDS creative team.

GCDS Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Brand Creative Director | Giuliano Calza
Photographer | Pierre-Ange Carlotti
Models | Bakar, Kai Isaiah Jamal, and Stella Lucia
Stylist | Helena Tejedor
Hair | Ramona Eschbach
Makeup | Patrick Glatthaa
Location | Nice, France