Gentle Monster

2021 Pre Collection Ad Campaign

Review of Gentle Monster 2021 Pre Collection Ad Campaign by Art Director Min Kim, Digital Director Sebong Oh & Photographer Thomas Lohr

Gentle Monster gives us the lesson in effective use of film that we didn’t know we needed. With art direction by Min Kim, digital direction by Sebong Oh, and cinematography by Hugo Carlier, the campaign brilliantly combines film and digital art to create a multilayered runway.

Each short film segment uses video to create a juxtaposition of near and far. In the foreground, a model whose body we see the entirety of walks in place as if on a treadmill runway. Meanwhile, the entire background is taken up by a video screen which displays a closeup shot of another model’s face, emphasizing the details of the eyewear as well as each model’s facial intensity. Other segments use digital collage to create clones of each model, showing them from many angles at once as they stalk in place.

Of course, anything that hopes to position itself as a runway show needs great styling, and stylist Manon Del Colle more than rises to the challenge. She creates looks that support the sense of avant-garde edge without drawing too much attention away from the eyewear. Interestingly, all of the clothing is by David Koma – another exciting designer who has impressed us recently by using innovative technology to reimagine the runway.

It is surprising that an eyewear brand would essentially create a runway show for their campaign, and even more surprising that it would turn out to be by far the best use of film in presenting a post-lockdown runway show.

But Gentle Monster is renowned for their visionary approach to advertising, so we can’t say we’re surprised to be surprised. The campaign is confidently minimalist, relying on the single principle of runway-based film work, and executing it brilliantly.

Gentle Monster Art Director | Min Kim
Gentle Monster Digital Director | Sebong Oh
Photographer | Thomas Lohr
Cinematographer | Hugo Carlier
Models | Kennah Lau, Leon Romeike & Sara Eirud
Stylist | Manon Del Colle
Hair | Ramona Eschbach
Makeup | Patrick Glatthaar
Post Production |IMGN Studio
Casting Director | Svea Greichgauer
Clothing | David Koma