Gentle Monster

Blackpink's Jennie Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Ever dreamt of meeting your idol or celebrity crush? Let alone… texted with them?! Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster is bringing this dream to life for fans of K-pop group Blackpink, as they have created a totally new type of campaign to exhibit their latest collaboration with member Jennie Kim.

Titled “Jentle Home,” the collection is inspired by elements of her everyday life, including her home and her dog. Shot in the retro setting of an urban apartment by photographer Hugo Comte, the stills are sophisticated and eye-catching.

But while the campaign as a whole is well-done, what makes it stand out is the unique film that lets the audience feel like they’re ‘chatting’ with the pop star. It’s an ingenious way to tap into the relatively new, yet now completely familiar, feeling of social media interactions. Following the style of these slowly popularizing choose-your-ending shows (think Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch), the film appears as a smartphone screen with messages popping up, complete with the recognized text tones, and different automated responses allowing the conversation with Kim to play out.

With this being said, the film itself is almost too fast. Because the conversation couldn’t exactly have gone on longer, given that it is almost entirely one-sided, the fast-paced texting feels too quick, and doesn’t give much time for the audience to fully read each text. Slowing down the pace of the video would allow each text, each revelation about the campaign, each fun, personal inclusion, to be appreciated by the viewers, not only giving the campaign more exposure, but allowing fans to live in this dream for a little while longer.

Nevertheless, the eyewear brand’s imaginative campaign puts this capsule collection on the map for people who may not be their typical audience, and does it in a stunning and clever fashion. Social media, technology, and virtual reality is an inevitable part of our lives, and Gentle Monster has done an impeccable job harnessing it to their advantage. So here’s to technological evolution and the fashion industry continuing to grow together and to building each other up for years to come.

Photographer | Hugo Comte
Talent | Jennie Kim