Giorgio Armani

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Giorgio Armani Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Giulio Rustichelli & Film Director Francesco Meneghini

Giorgio Armani follows the light to a new Spring 2021 campaign. Photographer Giulio Rustichelli and film director Francesco Meneghini focus on the dynamics of light and shadow to keep things simple, moody, and sophisticated.

The new collections make frequent use of materials which have a dynamic relationship with the light: sequins shimmer, sheer fabric creates a glimmering translucence, geometrically patterned metallic fabric scintillates. Using this motif as a touchstone for his imagery, Meneghini projects ethereal patterns of light across his models and the abstract, sculptural spaces they occupy. A yearning score which combines electronics with piano and strings enriches the atmosphere.

Rustichelli and cinematographer Alessandro Ubaldi deploy a vintage-like monochrome film effect, which lends a moody nostalgia to the imagery. This effect both emphasizes and mystifies the projected pattern play, creating an ephemeral sense of pure light without color. The campaign is an exquisite and thoughtful photographic exploration of the power of light and shadow.

Giorgio Armani Creative Director | Giorgio Armani
Photographer | Giulio Rustichelli
Director | Francesco Meneghini
Cinematographer | Alessandro Ubaldi
Models | Alexandre Cunha, Bano Sow, Lara Mullen, & Shanelle Nyasiase
Stylist | Tanya Jones
Hair | Ezio Diaferia
Makeup | Martina Bolis
Production | The Box Films
Executive Producer | Stefano Negri
Post Production | Iggy Post
Score | Jamie Ross