Giorgio Armani's Tribute to Aldo Fallai at Armani/Silos

Giorgio Armani’s Tribute to Aldo Fallai at Armani/Silos

Exploring Three Decades of Artistic Dialogue in Milan’s Premier Fashion Sanctuary

In a momentous artistic celebration, Giorgio Armani introduces the “Aldo Fallai per Giorgio Armani, 1977-2021” exhibition at the prestigious Armani/Silos. Curated by Giorgio Armani, Rosanna Armani, and Leo Dell’Orco, this solo showcase marks a significant Milanese debut, offering a deep dive into the nearly three-decade-long artistic collaboration between Giorgio Armani and the revered Florentine photographer Aldo Fallai. Commencing on December 5th, the exhibition will be accessible to the public, preceded by an exclusive private inauguration the day before. Explore the captivating visual narrative that has defined an era of high fashion and creative synergy.