Givenchy Fall 2018 Film Noir Video Falls Victim to Itself

Givenchy | Fall 2018 Film Noir Video Falls Victim to Itself

The house of Givenchy released a follow up film today, entitled ‘Film Noir,’ to tie into their seasonal ‘Night Noir‘ Fall 2018 ad campaign. Brining to light the difference in shades of darkness in what The Impression is dubbing as a Tale of Two Nights Out.

The original campaign film was directed by Steven Meisel and follows the cast as they invade the Berlin club scene. By contrast the follow up film, Film Noir, feels as though it was filmed while shooting a lookbook with the cast evading the lights of the camera. One feels like narrative with clothes as a part of the story, endearing the viewer to the house. The other tells us Givenchy makes clothes.

Which bring us to The Tale of Two Nights Out. The first Night Noir we don’t want to end. The second, makes us want to hit the bottle while longing for a femme fatale or a double homicide to keep us from falling into the despair of darkness. The side by side comparison begs the question of what is the goal of film in a design houses narrative? The answer is both to show the collection as well as entertain. Showing clothes is not enough and if you are a design house with as many potential night moves as Givenchy. Let’s face it, the house is a victim of its reputation which it has to live up to, otherwise it will fall victim to the wraith of their femme fatales of clients who are always looking out for their next mark.

Film Noir – (The Impression – Great night! Next round is on me.)


Night Noir –(The Impression – I need a drink …. make it a double.)

Creative Director | Clare Waight Keller
Models | Monika Sawicka, Veronika Kunz, Mame Camara, Rubens Guez, Hamid Markhodja, Mika Doll