Givenchy Mysteries of a Night Garden Film Spring 2018

Givenchy | Mysteries of a Night Garden Spring 2018 Film

Givenchy’s Mystères dun jardin de nuit, translated as Mysteries of a Night Gardenpreviews Clare Waight Keller Spring 2018 haute couture collection for the fashion house, through a film preview short enough to rally anticipation.

In a “living tableau” presentation of the collection, models stand in the entry of a mansion —eyes closed, soaking up the moonlight, film director Carlota Guerrero’s camera is fixed on one model dressed in white and as she opens her eyes she immediately transports us to peaceful room lite by an exquisite crystal chandelier. The room warms with feminine sexuality and unity as models braid one anothers hair, and rest on eachs shoulder, while the one in the white dress stands apart.  As we gaze up at the chandelier a host of butterfly’s dance freely around it and begin to descend and fill the room leaving only the model dressed in white beautifully surrounded by butterflies. 

The butterfly resonates with Givenchy. First inspiring the dressmaking of Hubert de Givenchy in it’s form it’s attitude and power. Later, translating as a print on Tisci’s garments, graphics on t-shirts, handbags and backpacks, the film shares the same power of the butterfly with it’s audience in a new way.The colony of butterflies gather among model He Jing, wearing asymbolicmoon printed dress, anillustration of a women’s supernatural authorityjoins honor, beautyand grace.  At this sight and sound of butterflies dancing among the model, an attraction captured in the film’s finale leaves us with a peace.  

“Through Haute Couture, the House’s mysterious, edgy poetry takes wing,” as designer Clare Waight Keller embodies the poise, strength and femininity of the brand in her début collection. Just like the beautiful creature, Keller’s new role pollinates the industry. The mansion and the House of Givenchy are one and the same: a butterfly santruary.

Givenchy Creative Director | Clare Waight Keller
Director | Carlota Guerrero

Model | He Jing @Milk, Marique @Supreme, Sohyun @Oui, Valerija @Oui, Veronica @TheSquad, Shanelle @MP, Malick @Success, Sunniva @Viva, Ninouk @Ford, Juliet @Ford, Helena @Viva