Goetze | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

For their Falll 2018 ad campaign the house of Goetze enlisted Berlin based art director Timo R. Schmitt to help them tell an alternative yet straight forward story.

The Berlin menswear house was founded in 2011 by Sissi Goetze after graduating with an MA in menswear from Central Saint Martins in London. The label was formed around an on-going exploration of formal and casual sensibilities with complex shirting as the label’s key item.

Photographer Davit Giorgadze shot Matteo Silvestri sporting a hair style somewhere between Raod for The Jam and Trainspotting. The result is a look distinctive to Berlin and like all things Berlin, unique and tempting.

Goetze Creative Director | Sissi Goetze
Creative Director | Timo R. Schmitt
Photographer | Davit Giorgadze
Model | Matteo Silvestri
Stylist | Christian Stemmler
Hair | Dushan Petrovich