Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Teams with New York Sunshine

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand | Teams with New York Sunshine

Creativity can be found anywhere. Whether in the classic art found at the MET, or in the shaky video released by a luxury footwear brand, creativity runs thick in our society. Especially in a society fully empowered with todays tools to create.

While art from the MET is indeed captivating, The Impression would much rather applaud the latter. The Venetian shoe company, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (GGDB), has collaborated with New York Sunshine (NYS), an art collective based in the Hamptons, to announce the release of their new shoe: The Stardan. But rather than simply send out a few pictures of their shoes, the house decided it was better to contribute back to society-at-large, and make art. They are headquartered in the home of the biennale after all.

That art came in the form of a video that included elements of American design and Venetian beauty. The shoe itself is inspired by US basketball, which inspired NYS to place various basketballs and hoops in Venice. But NYS took it that extra step further. GGDB is known for their distressed style, and their iconic logo is a star with four tips, so they decided the best plot for the video was exhibiting people hammering off the extra tip of a five pointed star. This process coincides with the destructive art NYS commonly exhibits. “The process is the end product for NYS: they make things, only to destroy them. That is the end result. Like we do: we like the impeccably artisanal, only to distress it,” GGDB announced in a press release.

In addition GGDB’s distressed style was reflected in NYS use of concrete, including casting shoes in cement blocks and chiseling those blocks to later reveal the shoe. Genius.

And while their shoes may be weighed down by cement, it’s doubtful that GGDB is slowing down anytime soon. In their own words, “this is just the beginning: making never ends.”