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Store Scout, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Venice and Los Angeles


Having opened many stores around the globe, in cities such as New York, Tokyo, and Amsterdam, Venetian shoe label, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand recently opened two new stores in Los Angeles and Venice, two cities that play an important role in their culture and inspiration.

The first location is in the heart of Venice in Calle Vallaresso and is close to the company’s headquarters. The flagship store gives a modern rendition to the rich Venetian setting surrounding it.

Inside, sneakers and clothes are showcased on vintage looking brass display cases. The floorings feature a white Carrara marble that pays tribute to the nearby Olivetti showroom of architect Carlo Scarpa, who embodies Venetian taste and artisan skill.

The second location in Los Angeles on Melrose Street, continues the rich Venetian style, with its sophisticated and distinct appearance with the unique golden star.

Clothes are hung from acid-etched brass that are suspended from the ceiling and display units featuring spirals of white marble. The simply designed sneakers, are sectioned in the back of the store on glass shelves that are enclosed by the familiar etched brass. In the middle of the store is a glass and marble stone that creates a space for accessories.

Both stores contain a white-lit neon sign that has the abbreviation of the label and the stores location. In LA it hangs from ceiling reading “GGDB/LA,” and in Venice it is attached the mirror covered wall reading “GGDB/VE.”


Calle Vallaresso, 1307/1308

30124 Venice – Italy

+39 0413024289


8417 Melrose Place, Unit C

Los Angeles, CA 90069

+1 3234247453

Store Hours
Mon. – Sat. 10am – 6pm
Sun. 11:30am – 5:30pm