Gucci ArtLab Unveiled in Florence

Gucci ArtLab Unveiled in Florence

Following on the heels of their recent artisanal program, “#GucciHallucination”, which featured limited edition sweatshirts and t-shirts, the house of Gucci has reinforced their desire for innovation with the launch of the new Gucci ArtLab in Florence, a program space designed to exercise creativity and experimentation to further strengthen the brand and its future products.

According to CEO and President of Gucci, Marco Blizzari, the ArtLab was designed to “give life to the revolutionary aesthetic of Creative Director Alessandro Michele by developing the sought-after Gucci products of the future, and thus help sustain the exceptional business momentum of the brand.”  The Gucci ArtLab’s main goal was to focus on the “perfect expression of the corporate culture” that his company promotes and allows its creativity to thrive. “It is the tangible expression of a place to learn skills and techniques, a workshop to generate ideas, and ideas are the lifeblood of culture,” stated Blizzari.

Gucci’s ArtLab is not only a place to foster new ideas, but a “futuristic centre of industrial craftsmanship and experimentation laboratory for leather goods and shoes products,” explains Blizzari.

Blizzari commented on the opening of the ArtLab, “The unveiling of Gucci ArtLab definitely represents one of the most remarkable achievements of Gucci’s unprecedented journey of the last three years, and one of the most significant industrial investments today in our country,” this ArtLab “is a testament to our belief in creativity, artisanal craftsmanship, innovation and technology, and sustainability, and our bond with our territory.”

Blanketed in elaborate and unique murals with various accents of blues, reds, and yellows that bond for creativity shines through the interior of the ArtLab, especially at the foot of a bright red spiral staircase that screams innovation. The building itself has a sense of creative freedom and its artisanal interiors resembles a cross between the interiors of a Wes Anderson film merged with your eccentric aunts kitchen, where the best of crazy ideas can come to life. We here at The Impression love the taste of innovation and are looking forward  seeing what the team at Gucci’s ArtLab bakes up.

Gucci ArtLab Unveiled in Florence


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