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Gucci Bamboo’s Modern-Day Woman – Spring 2017 Fragrance Campaign


Gucci Bamboo takes flight, heading towards their newest campaign muse. Their destination: Russian model Polina Oganicheva. The new face of Gucci Bamboo has taken on the role of the brand’s former inspiration and predecessor, actress and model Gal Gadot.

To successfully represent Gucci’s “Modern-Day Woman,” she must empower others through vibrant combinations of femininity and strength. She is the master of her own destiny, and like Polina Oganicheva, she embodies a well-rounded range of personas. Confidence, femininity, fierceness, and elegance are at the heart of what Gucci Bamboo aims to unleash in strong women, and there is no better way to symbolize this than the imagery of birds being set free from their cage – now able to reach infinite heights.

Gucci Bamboo and their fragrance campaigns successfully remain advocates of strong, independent women continuously making fiercer marks in the world. Now, we get to see Polina Oganicheva add a fresh new interpretation to the fragrance.


Director | Glen Luchford
Model | Polina Oganicheva