Gucci Blooms in Latest Female Instagram Illustration Campaign

Gucci | Blooms in Latest Female Instagram Illustration Campaign

Gucci christened the launch of its Acqua di Fiori fragrance with a campaign created by 15 female artists. The campaign, which centers on themes of metamorphosis and womanhood, is featured on the label’s social media with the hashtags #AcquadiFiori and #InBloom. Its whimsical illustrations recount a coming-of-age story for young women, each incorporating elements from the fragrance, including the green Herbarium packaging and the pale pink bottle. 

For the Instagram lead series, each artist produced a multi-panel cartoon narrative optimized for Instagram’s swipe feature. Artist Emma Allegretti tells the story of a girl who drinks a floral elixir to become a nature goddess. In the cartoon’s final panel, she postures next to a bottle of Acqua di Fiori, itself a cocktail of green Galbanum and Cassis buds. Each cartoon incorporates similar imagery, from Langley Fox Hemingway’s delicate faces appearing in sprays of flowers to Frances Cannon’s whimsical drawings of a woman who grows with nature until she reaches the stars. 

The campaign is uniquely tailored for the Instagram medium, with a format that encourages tapping and swiping. In addition it truly does something few fragrance campaigns do, which is tell a story. Its short-form poetry and flash fiction offer quick-read narratives suited to the medium’s fast-paced “feed.” With a focus on women’s empowerment, the campaign is well-placed among the woman-centric branding efforts of labels like Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and Dior. The Impression applauds the thinking of Gucci to commission an illustrative Instagram narrative, which ultimately, draws us all in.

Emma Allegretti


Joy Miessi


Phoebe Collings


Langley Fox Hemingway


Frances Cannon


Joana Avillez



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