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Gucci debuts ‘Bloom’ Perfume Campaign and Opens Harrods Pop-up


Gucci has been sowing seeds left and right with collaborations and new launches. The most recent project is called ‘Gucci Gardens’ hosted at Harrods in London. For the month of August, the store will showcase some of the latest Gucci pieces, motif customizations, and the newest fragrance ‘Gucci Bloom.’

For the perfume’s official worldwide debut in the month of August, Gucci has put out a campaign featuring models Hari Nef, Petra Collins, and Fifty Shades of Gray actress Dakota Johnson. The floral and dream like shots and film were done by photographer Glen Luchford. From indoors to outdoors, the garden travels with the crew as long as they have their Gucci Bloom. The wonderland of floral surprises simply draws you in from beginning to end.

The new scent along with Gucci collection pieces will be on display in a similar garden like fashion, filling a multitude of Harrods shop windows with their whimsical charm. Inside Harrods you’ll still find Gucci sprinkled throughout, including a limited edition ready-to-wear collection exclusive to the store. At the same time, Harrods will have store exclusive motifs available for customization of your Gucci purchase.





Harrods Takeover


Agency | Simmonds Ltd.
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer | Glen Luchford

Models | Dakota Johnson, Petra Collins, & Hari Nef
Location | New York