Gucci Equilibrium | A Portal Connecting People, Planet, and Purpose

Gucci went a step further to assure they aren’t just a ‘feel good’ house, but a ‘do good’ house this week via the launch of Gucci Equilibrium, a destination aimed at connecting people, planet, and purpose, as a part of a 10-year plan to integrate sustainability and more into the brand.

“Gucci is not a company where you must leave your values at the door, but one where they are enhanced, challenged and amplified. Gucci Equilibrium is about us spreading that energy and that positive intent to everyone who loves our brand,” said Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri. “There are critical times when we can all play our part in helping to deliver on the UN Global Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. The only way to do that is by bringing people together, sharing ideas, innovation, and experiences. This is the objective we have set for Gucci Equilibrium.”

Gucci Equilibrium advances the Culture of Purpose that governs Gucci on a daily basis and is built upon a foundation made up of three pillars covering the environment, people and new models of sustainable innovation.

Gucci has committed itself to not only reducing its environmental impacts but also creating a new standard in luxury retail through various efforts, such as Scrap-less, a program that runs alongside tanneries to transform the environmental profile of the leather industry. Gucci also recognizes the value of its employees and has dedicated itself to not only enhancing the lives of the people who make its products but also supporting communities, such as those that empower girls and women. Finally, the luxury brand continues to develop new solutions by applying technical innovation to improve efficiency in its production and logistics. For example, through Gucci ArtLab, which opened in April 2018, the brand has created a start-up environment for radical, disruptive innovation that combines industrial craftsmanship and experimentation.

In addition to its commitment to moved toward more sustainable practices, the house is committed to leading the conversation on gender equality through its CHIME FOR CHANGE girls’ and women’s empowerment campaign.

In addition to its foundation built upon the environment, people, and sustainable innovation, Gucci Equilibrium also features “I was a Sari,” a social enterprise founded by Stefano Funari that captures Gucci’s drive toward social empowerment and commitment to the circular economy. “I was a Sari” works with women from marginalized communities in Mumbai and epicycles saris and teaches new skills bring income and opportunities to these women.

The Impression applauds all those who but their best foot forward at Gucci to make positive steps be they in Gucci loafers or not and encourages all to check out Gucci Equilibrium at to learn how to play a part.