Gucci Fall 2018 Décor Collection by Alex Merry

Gucci | Fall 2018 Décor Collection

Ever since the invention of the camera, drawings have been viewed as inferior to photographs. They provide less detail and leave much to the imagination which to many a design house is too vague to be vogue.

However, for their latest Décor collection, Gucci and Creative Director Alessandro Michele have fully embraced the art of illustration and its imaginative attributes. Once again teaming with artist Alex Merry, who illustrated the houses launch decor collection,  Gucci has released a series of sketches to promote the new collection on Gucci’s Instagram page and website.

The eye-catching pieces shown in the romanticised sketches are said to be influenced by the one-of-a-kind patterns and hues that are classic to the companies clothing. The shimmery colors in the backgrounds compliment the drawings of the items and allow the customer to decide exactly how they want to view them.

In addition to these sketches, Gucci is merging old and new school to pioneer augmented reality technology that enables customers to see what pieces from the Décor collection will look like in their own environments.

The virtual reality component adds a sense of modernity, while the sketches give the collection a sense of artisanal warmth and  point of distinction. In this collection, the old and the new are balanced out perfectly, something we don’t always see in the fast-moving world of the twenty-first century. But just like a great serving tray, quality serve and design never falls out of fashion.

Gucci Creative Director | Alessandro Michele
Illustrator | Alex Merry