Gucci Fall Ad Campaign with Faye Dunaway

Gucci | Fall Ad Campaign with Faye Dunaway

Gucci takes us to sunny Los Angeles in its latest Fall 2018 ad campaign. Palm-lined avenues, Rodeo Drive, private pools, and gated villas set the scene as multi-award winning actress Faye Dunaway and French singer, songwriter, and actress Soko play a Hollywood mother-daughter duo.

In the campaign, shot and directed by Petra Collins with creative direction from Christopher Simmonds, Dunaway’s character spends her days being ferried around in a chauffeur-driven limo, signing autographs, shopping on Rodeo Drive, lounging poolside, playing tennis, and living a life of luxurious leisure, all seen through the eyes of her daughter, Soko’s character. But it is not just the mother-daughter companions basking in the warm weather—the Sylvie bag is the third character in the film and proves to be a subtle yet essential protagonist. The film concludes with the mother giving her daughter a Sylvie handbag of her own, as a symbolic gift to be treasured across generations.

The film is completely endearing, as we see the admiration and love for another represented in the simple act of giving a gift. The piece plays to the heritage of Gucci while simultaneously transcending generations, acknowledging that a fondness for a brand is something one can share and pass down.

On the note of passing down is the song “Telescope,” composed by Pino Donaggio. The song, which gained 80s-icon status in Brain de Palma’s Body Double, is a melancholic rhythm that provides the backtrack to Melanie Griffith’s character’s erotic dance scene. It is nice to see the song leveraged here in a more good-natured fashion, fitting the track nicely.

The closing scene is a warm hug which is what this piece is all about. What young person today wouldn’t want the affections and support of a matriarch like Dunaway?

Gucci Creative Director | Alessandro Michele
Agency | Simmonds ltd.
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer/Director | Petra Collins
Talent | Faye Dunaway & Soko
Music | Telescope, composed by Pino Donaggio, Published by EMI Golden Torch Music Corp. c/o Sony/ATV Music Publishing