Gucci Garden Collaborates with Björk and Isabella Cotier

Gucci Garden | Collaborates with Björk and Isabella Cotier

Gucci Garden, located within the stunning and ancient Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence, reimagines what a boutique can be by merging it with a museum-like spectacle of Gucci’s designs and collaborations. Gucci Garden has announced that they are adding two new areas to this creative space, referring to them as “period rooms” on the first floor galleria.

The rooms’ debut exhibition will feature items from Gucci’s collaboration with singer Björk on her music video for “The Gate,” the first single off her album Utopia. Last year, Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele and Björk worked together on a vision for the video, which eventually culminated a luminescent dress that took 550 hours to make and 320 hours to embroider.  The dress incorporates elements of pleated lurex organza, crêpe de chine, silk jersey and iridescent PVC and is set to be the centerpiece of the new display.

The layout of the exhibition itself is designed to be theoretically “shapeless” so that all focus in the room is pulled into the dress. Other Gucci-made pieces from Björk’s show will surround the dress. Additionally, the Cinema de Camera on Gucci Garden’s first floor will be screening a new chapter in the film cycle called Zeus Machina produced by the ZAPRUDER filmmakersgroup dedicated to Greek hero Hercules. The new episode is entitled Kolossos, set in the gym of Italy’s prestigious wrestling club, Atletico Faenza.

Gucci Garden is also featuring a new selection of designs from artist Isabella Cotier, whose distinctively colorful style has been featured on Gucci sweatshirts, t-shirts, and tote bags. Cotier is said to get her inspiration by watching people in the streets of Florence, perfectly fitting for the location of Gucci Garde.

As Creative Director Alessandro Michele is known to push the boundaries of where fashion can become art, these exhibitions at the Gucci Garden display Gucci’s beautifully designed clothes like masterpieces. The Impression applauds Gucci for this innovative platform on which to showcase fashion’s most intriguing collaborations.



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