Get Geeky with Gucci and Angelica Hicks' T-Shirt Collection

Gucci Geek | A Limited Edition T-Shirt Collection

Get Geeky with Gucci and Angelica Hicks’ T-Shirt Collection


At an intersection of wordplay, high fashion, and pop culture lies the new Gucci collaboration with London illustrator Angelica Hicks. On May 25th, the luxury Italian brand will launch a collection of 11 t-shirts designed by Hicks entitled “Gucci Geek” which features her trademark puns and boldly drawn facial features. The shirts star Hicks’ illustrations on subjects ranging from Gucci ambassador Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, to Gucci loafers looking more like baguettes than slippers.

Since Ms. Hicks is an artist, Gucci is deliberately treating the shirts she has designed are as art; there are only 100 shirts in each of the 11 designs as would be the case with a real art print. This means that there is a total of only 1,100 shirts available for the public to purchase. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of the limited edition tees, it is presented in a vintage-style tin box with small cardboard cutouts of the designs inside for the buyer to use as little decorations. Also included in the box is a card describing the exclusivity of the product and encourages some brand activation on part of the consumer by telling them to tag their social media posts of their new shirt with the hashtag #GucciGeek.

This is not the only marketing tactic Gucci used for their upcoming launch: in a guerilla marketing strategy, Gucci selected two walls, one on Lafayette Street in New York City and another in Milan’s Largo la Foppa, to depict murals of two different illustrations out of the Gucci Geek collection. With Hicks’ designs and the Gucci name rising high above densely populated- and highly fashionable- cities, people will surely be talking about the quirky new launch even after the shirts have sold out.

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