The Gucci “Hacker” Project Pop-Ups

Gucci Launches Balenciaga Hacker Project Pop-Ups

The Unique Project Moves into Its Next Phase with the Launch of Physical Spaces

Gucci’s Hacker Project officially launches as unique pop-up and pop-in storefronts open across the globe. First debuted as part of the Gucci Aria collection in April, the Hacker Project sees the house reinterpret pieces from fellow icon Balenciaga.

In dozens of physical spaces worldwide, unique displays and structures introduce Gucci pieces that reinterpret Balenciaga codes, and in so doing question notions of branding, appropriating, and counterfeiting. Standalone pop-up stores and transformed Gucci store spaces take creative approaches to presenting the project’s ideas and products—cross-branded ready-to-wear, accessories, bags, and cases. Each physical launch includes special activations and exclusives that transform surrounding areas and recontextualize the brand, further investigating The Hacker Project’s themes.