Gucci Hallucinations Limited Edition Collection

Gucci | Hallucinations Limited Edition Collection

Ignasi Monreal, the creative vision behind Gucci‘s recent Spring 2018 Ad Campaign, is the focus of #GucciHallucination, a line-up of limited edition sweatshirts and T-shirts.

The line-up of #GucciHallucination pieces feature the digital artworks curated by Monreal for the label’s whimsical Spring 2018 campaign. Through his surreal aesthetic, Monreal truly fulfills the eclectic vision that Gucci embodies.

In honor of the unique, exclusive nature of this collection, there will only be released 200 of each T-shirt design and 100 of each sweatshirt style, each bearing a numbered label and a special delivery featuring the artist’s work.

Along with numerous artistic creations by the young Spanish artist for Gucci throughout the years, Monreal has recently created the artworks featuring the new collection for the Spring 2018 campaign as he also ironically starred in the campaign video as the curator of the fictitious Gucci gallery.

Displayed upon a wall just off of East London’s famous Brick Lane are the bold, creative visions of Monreal. Put forth by Urban Vision, the new Art Wall portrays a woman lounging on a sofa, maintaining inspiration from the painting Portrait of Señora de Garay by Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta and by “Rapunzel,” the German fairy tale.