Gucci Launches GG Multicolor Capsule

Gucci Well-Loved Patterns Receive A “Splash Of Color” In Their Most Recent Capsule Collection

Gucci is embracing the rainbow with their new “GG Multicolor” Spring 2021 capsule collection which reimagines the Gucci GG through a colorful, vivid lens.

The collection includes ready-to-wear clothes and shoes for both men and women, handbags, and accessories. It is available now on Gucci’s website.

The GG Multicolor collection is a celebration of the House’s past, present, and future relying on achieved designs but is focused on pushing Gucci’s creativity further.

To showcase the collection the house gathered a group of playful charters and placed them in a beauty salon. The idea is well played, subconsciously positioning the collection of ‘beauty’ items while allowing for a narrative wrapped around a like-minded community concerned with both being social and enhancing their personal look. The neutral setting is also a perfect place to allow the colorful array of offerings to stand out. While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, here it becomes universal.