Gucci Launches #TimetoParr Instagram Project

Gucci | Launches #TimetoParr Instagram Project

Though at times it may seem to consist of nothing besides selfies and memes, the original goal of Instagram was to allow users to share images of people, places, and things that hold a significant importance to their individual lives.

In an attempt to bring this back, Gucci has just announced an Instagram-only project, consisting of images taken by famed British photographer Martin Parr, who has traveled the world to capture the essence of locations designated ‘Gucci Places’. It was announced in a press release that “these all have a significance for Gucci, either as a site where events relating to the House have taken place, or where Creative Director Alessandro Michele has found inspiration.”

The list of places spans from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles California, all the way to the unique restaurant of Bibo in Hong Kong. At every location, Parr was able to capture the authenticity of strangers frozen in time. As well as the intimate shots of these people, many photos show off some of the new Gucci time-pieces.


In this ‘uncommon photographic journey,’ Parr was able to capture the raw human emotion of people simply enjoying themselves, something very rare in this ever-connected world of social media. The Impression applauds Gucci for their unique take on modern media and is looking forward to experience the rest of the project.

Gucci Launches #TimetoParr Instagram ProjectGucci Creative Director | Alessandro Michele
Photographer | Martin Parr