Gucci Men's Tailoring Ad Campaign starring Dapper Dan

Gucci Men’s Tailoring | Ad Campaign

Gucci Men’s Tailoring Ad Campaign starring Dapper Dan


Don’t they say that “great minds think alike? Well that is the case for Gucci and 80’s bespoke streetwear designer, Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day.

Day, to the surprise of many, is featured in Gucci’s Men’s Tailoring ad campaign. Under the artistic direction of Christopher Simmonds, and shot by Glen Luchford, the campaign is set in Day’s Harlem stomping grounds.

Earlier this year Gucci was accused of replicating a jacket by Day from back in 1989 that was originally made for Olympic athlete Diana Dixon. Many expressed their upset with Gucci online and how they failed to mention Dapper Dan, and made it seem that it was their own original work. However, Gucci claimed that they were only paying homage to Day and the hip-hop fashion culture from the 80’s.

Now, with all of this in the past, Day and Alessandro Michele, have come together to compose a campaign that stays true to Day’s dapper name.

Agency | Simmonds Ltd.
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer | Glen Luchford
Model | Dapper Dan

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