Gucci | Joins Paris Fashion Week for Its Spring 2019 Show

Gucci has announced that their spring summer 2019 show will now take place in Paris on September 24th. The date is between Milan and Paris Fashion weeks, creating a transition day to avoid conflicts. This show is described as a three-part homage to France, created by, Alessandro Michele, the creative director.

“Gucci is a global brand with deep and vibrant Italian roots and a visionary French shareholder, Kering,” says, Marco Bizzarri, Gucci President and CEO, “When Alessandro told me of his desire to present the new collection in Paris – continuing the French-inspired narrative – I thought it was a perfect way to continue the creative homage to France.”

Michele bagan this homage to France with their Pre-Fall campaign, which recreated the May 1968 movement of student protests in Paris with hopes to inspire new generations. The 2019 Cruise Resort show will be taking place on May 30th, on the ancient site of the Promenade Des Alyscamps in Arles. All of the locations preceding, were chosen carefully by Michele and located in culturally significant places. 

Gucci won’t be leaving Milan forever. During Milan Fashion Week, they’re working together with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana to hold a special event event at the Gucci Hub on September 13th. Gucci looks forward to returning to Milan for fashion week in February 2019.


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