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Mr Porter Joins the Gucci Club with Capsule Collection


Gucci invites Mr Porter into the club by creating a capsule collection together. The collection was designed by Alessandro Michele himself for Mr Porter. Featuring 43 unique pieces, distinct to Gucci’s Modern motifs, the pieces emulate self-expression and individuality. The pieces can be purchased now through Mr Porter.

By collaborating with Gucci, Mr Porter is maintaining its status as a go-to destination for menswear. Mr Porter is consistently on trend with their products, and this collection further proves so.

In celebration of the launch, Mr Porter put out a short film called ‘The Keys’. The film takes you to a club like secret hideaway, which brings you from room to room. Each room corresponds to the color key being held, and the outfits being worn. The connection of colors, space, and clothing is beautifully done, creating an exclusive feeling for the viewer.

The pieces complement the current track Gucci has been on, and does not disappoint. We hope to see Michele’s creativity carry on with more collaborations to come.