Hedi Slimane Unveils Celine New Logo

With just 25 days and counting, per the clock on Célines website, Hedi Slimane has unveiled the designer’s first ‘less-is-more’ move, dropping the accent off the “É” in a newly unveiled Celine logo.

But wait, there is more…. or less, as the house also removed all previous Instagram post including those of the Phoebe Philo era, resulting in a fresh look for the house on social.

That looks kicks off with an Instagram video of a gold lame curtain slowly being pulled to remind us of the aforementioned unveiling in 25 days. The logo accompanied the video and a statement from the house, “The new logo has been directly inspired by the original, historical version that existed in the 1960s. The modernist typography used dates from the 1930s. The accent on the “E” has been removed to enable a simplified and more balanced proportion, evoking the Celine collections of the 1960s where the accent wasn’t used often.”

This isn’t the first time the designer has leverage historical context to abbreviate a houses name and logo as Slimane famously did in 2012 when at Yves Saint Laurent, dipping into the archives to discover the brand was originally named Saint Laurent and dropping the Yves as well as the mythical 1961 logo by French-Ukranian painter Adolphe Mouron Cassandre. Much to many an enthusiast chagrin, the designer instead opted for a straight forward Helvetica typeface still being used by the house and its designer Anthony Vaccarello.

On the fresh side Celine did  unveil a black and white image of what appears to be a look from Celine’s forthcoming menswear and womenswear debut at Paris Fashion Week. In … you got it… 25 days.