Pre-Fall 2020 Fashion Collection

For designer Sylvie Millstein’s first pre-fall collection, she sought to give a richer context to the collection by inviting real women in the industry to be photographed against the backdrop of her SoHo apartment. Millstein continues to be inspired by these women she counts as friends and ambassadors of the brand. By their incredible work ethic, some of them mothers like herself and many of them pursuing personal ambitions outside of their day jobs, accelerating their creative and philanthropic output in a particularly empowering way. The images she created illustrate not just the timeless modernity of her designs but give an insight into the identities of these women who chose to be shot with newborn, dogs or their friends and colleagues; also casting a spotlight on friendships, mentoring and support that the industry provides behind the scenes.

Creative Direction | Ehren Jaleel-Wenrich
Photographer | Ed Singleton
Beauty | Joseph Carrillo
Talent | Anna Baryshnikov, Aube Jolicoeur, Bruna Tenorio, Charlott Cordes, Chrissy Rutherford, Erin Hazelton, Erin Walsh, Hannah Donker, Jana Hofheimer, Kerry Pieri, Nicky Hilton, Nicky Rothschild, Quentin Jones, Renata Zandonadi, Sam Swan, Tatianna Hambro, Valerie Macaulay, Zoya Loeb

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