Helmut Lang casts NYC singles personal ads for Pre-Fall 2018 campaign

Helmut Lang casts NYC singles personal ads for Pre-Fall 2018 campaign

Personal ads have evolved over the years as those looking for long-term or short-term love adapted with the times. Television commercials led to chat room shorthand and Craigslist ads and have led to apps. As things change, many things stay the same, and the Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2018 campaign is proof of that.

The fashion label unveiled its latest collection with mock personal ads inspired by commercials from the 80s and 90s. Twelve real New York City singles star in the campaign and each have short bios stating their age, astrological sign, profession, interests and motto.

Helmut Lang cast models of all ages for this campaign too. The youngest person, Ally, is 21-year-old gentleman with long black hair who enjoys “painting, cartoons, basketball, spooky stuff” while the oldest, Jay, is an 85-year-old retired speech pathologist interested in “swimming, travel, antiques, family, theater”. The portraits look dated, as does the text for each bio, adding an element of nostalgia to the humor.

The label is serious about playing matchmaker too. The brand released its campaign on Instagram and shared a contact email for anyone who is interested in linking up with the faces of the campaign. And for those interested in what the singles are wearing, they can check out the Helmut Lang website or stores.


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