Helmut Lang

Pre-Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Bella Hadid is a minimalist queen in the latest campaign from Helmut Lang.

Creative director Brian Philipps tapped the iconic model for the brand’s Pre-Fall 2020 campaign. Photographer Ethan James Green captures Hadid in black-and-white portraiture. The images are elegantly simple, with Green relying on Hadid’s expressive poses to convey a sense of emotion and energy: she gets a lot of mileage out of those long legs.

The sense of composed minimalism carries through the design and styling choices. Across five looks, stylist Patti Wilson finds visual motifs in form and shape. She manages to make a form-fitting evening dress, a crop-top cardigan, and long leather gloves all feel like part of the same aesthetic unity.

The print campaign is presented in a somewhat deconstructionist format. Each photograph appears with a sky-blue border and informational text at the bottom which almost seems to break the fourth wall, to acknowledge to its audience that it is only a fashion campaign – but in doing so, perhaps it transcends itself?

Helmut Lang finds beauty and elegance in the straightforward. From sticking to dresses, suits, and denim to presenting the men’s and women’s collections in a single show, each creative choice is made with unity in mind. With its feeling of transcendent minimalism almost to the point of deconstruction, this campaign fits beautifully into the brand’s artistic oeuvre.

Creative Director | Brian Phillips
Photographer | Ethan James Green
Model | Bella Hadid
Stylist | Patti Wilson
Hair | Jimmy Paul
Makeup | Hannah Murry
Manicurist | Megumi Yamamoto