Helmut Lang continues its Artist Series with American artist Peter Hujar

Helmut Lang | Seen Artist Series | Peter Hujar

Helmut Lang continues its Artist Series with the work of American artist Peter Hujar.

Helmut Lang continues their artist series with American Photographer Peter Hujar, which features photographs from Hujar’s Orgasmic Man Series; Orgasmic Man I, Orgasmic Man II, and Orgasmic Man III. Hujar died from AIDS in 1987 leaving his estate to his close friend and author Stephen Koch, who interprets the Orgasmic Man series. The photographs within this series were not shown often during his life. Hujar put in his job book that the Orgasmic Man was Dutch Anderson, but no information has been found to back this up. The goal Hujar had for each photograph was to be able to create a connection between the viewer and the model. The photographs in this series are very minimal, black and white, and deeply emotional. It was important to Hujar to see beauty in each of his photographs or else he did not find interest, focusing on capturing different levels of intensity and passion in his photographs.

Photos | Peter Hujar
Product Images | Courtesy of Helmut Lang

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