Hermès Launches H-pitchhh Horseshoe App

Hermès | Launches H-pitchhh Horseshoe App

The magnificent Hermès horse shoe mark is synonymous with elegant exclusivity. The stamp of approval just next to the logo on a Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag is the telltale sign of uniquely crafted for utility.

The icon returns, conceptualized into a mobile game — available on Google Play and the Apple Store — allowing gamers to unlock portals to different worlds including a jungle and sea world, ultimately to discover fashion. The interactive digital game, titled H-pitchhh, promotes customer engagement with the brand, sharing Horseshow Hermès products, and the Emile Hermes collection.

To accompany the game, the brand launched a film campaign. Fashioning classic Hermès statement pieces – a silky scarf tie and sporty menswear bomber jacket — a group of friends gathering in the desert for a match of horseshoe. In the final scene of the film, real time becomes virtual, and a barren and desolate desert landscape setting transforms into a lively and colorful playground just at one of the competitor’s fingertips. The overall film presents a luxury statement to the Western spaghetti styled illustrative game.

Two horse shoe themed film campaigns under their saddle, the brand also shows its equestrian interest in hosting its annual Saut Hermès, a jockey competition that invites the world’s championed athletes and accompanied horses to compete in show jumping. Since 2010 the event initiates a “celebration of the horse and of the sport, imbued with a strong spirit of the game.” The horseshoe is an icon of the Hermès label a luxury French brand that originally started its family business in saddlery. Also carrying the athleticism legacy of the Greek god of the same name, in a series of video campaigns promoting a mobile gaming app, Hermès pitches a new season of tech and fashion with its most iconic emblem: the horseshoe.