Hermès 'The Chatroom' Instagram Fall 2019 Ad Campaign


'The Chatroom' Instagram Fall 2019 Ad Campaign

Hermès brings back the serialized comic with their Fall 2019 Instagram campaign called ‘The Chatroom’, which manages the rare feat of being funny and classy at the same time. With photos by Mirka Laura Severa, graphics directed by Pilote Paris and designed by Yannick James, styling by Louis Portejoie and produced by Cinq Étoiles Productions, the campaign reads like a gallery of Liechtenstein paintings staged with actors and models in a Hermès store in Paris.

In order to gain the full effect of the campaign’s humorous dialogue, one must tune in to the hashtags such as #hesaidhesaid, #hotsalesman and #lovemyhorsey. Ads for high-end fashion brands rarely show much in the way of facial expression, which makes it especially amusing to see one of the campaign’s young stars express embarrassment, horror and disgust as her grandmother does yoga in the home section and leather goods corner of the Hermès store, and then pose for a selfie. “What on earth are you doing?” a talk bubble proclaims…but the look on her face really says it all.

Silly, smart and stylish, ‘The Chatroom’ is exactly what most viewers wish to see when they log in to Instagram: a cute, lighthearted, aesthetically-pleasing diversion.

Hermès Creative Director | Sophie Toporkoff
Graphic Direction | Pilote Paris
Graphic Designer | Yannick James
Photographer | Mirka Laura Severa
Talent | Hortense de Gromard
Stylist | Louis Portejoie
Production | Cinq Étoiles Productions

Art Director/Fashion Editor