Hipanda Omotesando Flagship Store Photos


Flagship Store in Tokyo, Japan

The popular street brand HIPANDA has opened its first store Tokyo, Japan. The HIPANDA flagship store is a pure marvel, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies with cute-yet-ominous aesthetics to create an immersive experience that successfully blurs the lines between digital and analog. This new retail experience marks the intersection of multiple worlds, including fashion, art, design, technology, and architecture.

AR (augmented reality) and AE (augmented experience) technologies blend seamlessly with striking interior elements to tell the story of a “ghost house”, through a series of sequences in which visitors try to find the host of the house. The ghost host is invisible, and can only be revealed or discovered through different interactive experiences, some digital and some analog. The story starts before customers even enter the buiding, when the logo on the facade explodes out of its infrastructure with the use of computer-animated visual effects via AR technology.

The digital world created by Curiosity offers endless possibilities, and is combined with the real world in a way that provides unique experiences that can be appreciated by each individual in their own way. Breaking the boundaries of culture, age, and gender, Curiosity has delivered a space that is accessible and inspirational for all, effectively redefining expectations for the retail experience.

Hipanda Omotesando Flagship Store Photos

Store Design by | Curiosity
Photographer | Satoshi Shigeta