H&M Express Yourself Film

H&M | Express Yourself Film

In honor of their new menswear collection, H&M curated a beautifully choreographed film directed by the brilliant Charlotte Wales. To convey the underlying theme of expression pertained in this collection, H&M features tap dancer Nathan Mitchell who enthusiastically showcases the collection through dance.

Located in the streets of Los Angeles, the video presents the fresh styles of H&M’s ultimate spring wardrobe consisting of denim, shirts and need-now pieces. Mitchell is highlighted and in a sense glorified throughout the film as he expressively presents said styles in a rather brilliantly choreographed manner. The model moves with such grace and cohesion with the lyrics of the background music, accentuating the collection pieces to the fullest extent.

H&M does a fantastic job with curating this film as it truly brings forth the idea that fashion and the styles we choose to wear are powerful modes of self-expression.





Director | Charlotte Wales

Model | Nathan Mitchell
Stylist | Isabelle Thiry