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'Veteran' Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Hood By Air “Veteran Drop 01” Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Lengua

Hood By Air continues its comeback with a new drop and digital campaign, which features photography by Lengua.

The collection, “Veteran Drop 01,” and its campaign subtly explore themes of performance and surveillance. In keeping with HBA’s style of subverting uniforms and iconography, the clothing is characterized by an ironic fusion of streetwear with police garb – tactical cargo shorts with a bullseye on the crotch, a hoodie emblazoned with a reconfigured police badge. Meanwhile, the futuristic high-heeled sneakers seem uncategorizable yet awesome.

Lengua’s green-heavy, oversaturated photographs seem to mimic security camera footage. For the most part, the two models assume defiant attitudes and postures – most notably in the form of a crotch grab. But there are a few images where their poses seem, for lack of a better word, feminine – the sense of which is augmented by hoodies which function as dresses and the pointed toes and high heels.

The campaign sends a message of creative Black excellence and defiant self-expression in the face of authoritarianism and the police state, both of which are becoming increasingly visible and violent in America – although the reality has always been there.

The image and iconography of the veterans of this world also functions as a smart prologue to the fashion empire that Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver is seeking to build, the blueprint of which he is planning to unveil in his impending comeback show this year. We’re looking forward to it.

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Hood By Air Creative Director | Shayne Oliver
Photographer | Lengua