Hourglass Eye to Eye Spring 2019 Beauty Ad Campaign by Mark Seliger


Eye to Eye Spring 2019 Ad Campaign by Mark Seliger

Often the strongest of campaigns are those the most laser focused with a straightforward message executed with an elevated hand, precision, and an innate understanding of emotional impact. Those attributes come into play in the latest campaign by Mark Seliger for the cruelty-free beauty brand Hourglass, making for the most stunning beauty campaigns we’ve come across in a long time.

The digital campaign is designed to communicate first and foremost that Hourglass is a luxury beauty brand which Seliger accomplishes through emoting images rich with tonality and sophisticated coloring that drips with splendor. Which simulataneously bodes well for the makeup and foundation range.

But it is the concept of pairing different skinned models with matching horses to capture the beauties adjacent eye-to-eye images that brings this campaign to a whole new level. The pairing is genius, simplifying the message that Hourglass is committed to cruelty-free beauty and harmony between humans and animals we share this rock with. Each pair of eyes a visual reminder that we are one.

Carisa shared with me her vision of people and animals sharing the same footprint on the planet. She had eye-to-eye as a poetic piece of the story and I liked the idea. That is what strong creative collaborations are all about. She has a definitive point of view which is a great place to start because you know where you are going. The idea is the hero that the work follows. The rest was about finding some amazing animals that would hold still.

– Mark Seliger

That stillness is reflected in the film and images reading as a tranquil comfort. And The Impression takes comfort in knowing that founders like Janes are able to team with creatives like Seliger to take creative ideas and bring them to life with such elegance. It would appear that the talent and horses weren’t the only ones seeing eye-to-eye.

Hourglass Creative Director | Carisa Janes
Creative Director/Photographer/Director | Mark Seliger
Models | Arianna Donnelly/Next, Nykhor Paul/Muse, Miki Hamano/Wilhelmina, Julia Dunstall/Vision 
Hair | Hailey Adickes/Celestine (Arianna, Nykhor, Miki)
Makeup | Marc Reagan (Arianna, Nykhor, Miki), Jo Strettell/Tracy Mattingly (Julia Dunstall)
Producer | Coco Knudson
Location | Los Angeles

Chief Impressionist