How Burberry Is Making The Most Out Of Their New Monogram

How Burberry Is Making The Most Out Of Their New Monogram

When Burberry’s Creative Director Riccardo Tisci unveiled the house would be moving forward with a new logo and monogram designed by Peter Saville a month ago, the fashion industry stood up and took notice.

The unveiling came in the form of an Instagram announcement with images of the new and cleaner logo along with the monogram of the interlocking initials of the label’s founder, Thomas Burberry. To take it a step further the house shared the email exchanged between Tisci and Saville discussing everything from the time frame of deliverables to the desired outcome, giving readers an glimpse behind the thinking and personalities of the creators. Fashion press dived in headfirst of course and mainstream media on the peripherals dipped a toe or two in to also cover.

But unbeknownst to everyone, Riccardo Tisci and the team at Burberry had grander plans, plans to generate buzz and Instagramable experiential moments for those that really matter, the consumers. Within less than a months time the monogram and logo found its way around the world.

First covering the real estate they controlled, their own brick and mortar stores. Soon wall wraps of the monogram where on storefronts from London to New York to Milan to Seoul and more.


From there the house invested right outside their doors with traditional out-of-home including wall scapes, billboards, and digital screen locations from bus to airport kiosks.



But why stop there when you can own a piece of the road and have your monogram travel around town to tell everyone about it. So, bus and taxi wraps were let loose in major cities globally.



The house also tossed in a hint of traditional print for good measure.

How Burberry Is Making The Most Out Of Their New Monogram

And now with all the traditional media outlets covered, Burberry let loose and had some real fun creating  #ThomasBurberryBear and launching an oversized inflatable at Xintiandi Taiping Lake, Shanghai, China.


All that work deserved some much needed summer sun and relaxation. After all, it was August, and one can only be expected to do so much. The team decided to head to Sunset Beach, Shelter Island, New York. And they took the monogram with them to paint on oversized umbrellas and awnings.




But wait, there’s more. The genius of the traditional media, is the advent of how to leverage it with digital. Take a close look and you’ll notice that every single touchpoint was designed to create experiential and Instagramable moments so the the intended audience played a role as extended media distributors.

The Impression has been sharing for some time now how easy it is to leverage out-of-home in a local market for the global market. The number of sunbathers in Shelter Island who caught some much needed shade under the Burberry’s monogram umbrellas pails in comparison to the number of people who have seen it on Instagram. Riccardo Tisci himself posted it to his 2.3MM followers alone. Same goes for Thomas Burberry Bear in Shanghai.

Burberry understands that one media expenditure is leverageable across the entire digital landscape, Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, thier own website, their audiences social networks, the world. Like an interlocking weave of a phenomenally well designed monogram.