Hunter Flying Welly Hot Air Balloon

Hunter | Launches Flying Welly

Your favorite boots are jetting off this month on a worldwide tour.

Recreating its famous Original Wellington Boot, Hunter is sending off the 120-foot, boot-shaped hot air balloon on a global tour to represent the British heritage brand at various festivals, sporting events, and shows.

Pegged “The Original Flying Boot,” the giant balloon took its first flight from Hunter’s birthplace in Scotland and will soon begin its tour in an effort to reflect the brand’s position as an iconic British export.

In July, the balloon will travel to London and then to Europe before crossing the Atlantic in the fall to reach its American audience, which is the brand’s largest overseas market.

The sky-high campaign will be accompanied by a digital campaign where “boot spotters” will get the chance to win prizes by sharing sightings of the balloon on social media using #HunterOriginal.

The campaign is quite versatile, as Creative Director Alasdhair Willis says, “The Original Flying Boot is a simple concept that can resonate across all markets and not just for one season. It is a campaign that can evolve.”

The Impression adores a well thought out campaign with lots of legs that takes the brand to new heights.

Hunter Flying Welly Hot Air Ballon