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IKEA Announces Collaboration with Fashion Designer and Fragrance Label

There’s no assembly required on the new IKEA collaborations with OFF-WHITE and Byredo that were recently announced on the furniture giant’s Instagram. Virgil Abloh, the Creative Director of OFF-WHITE, will be leading the first collaboration with IKEA, where bags seem to be the center of attention. This is a nod to the recent joke IKEA made when Balenciaga debuted a bag that was a doppelgänger to the signature big blue IKEA bag, and IKEA then created a spoof poster on how to distinguish the real 99 cent bag from it’s luxury knock-off.

The second collaboration is between IKEA and Byredo, in which the Swedish furniture store will have it’s very own line of home fragrances. Byredo founder Ben Borham will lead this project, which is supposed to produce a multitude of unisex scents that customers can bring into their home along with their new IKEA furnishings.

Virgil Abloh, Creative Director of OFF-WHITE

Byredo founder Ben Borham