Inside Arc to Open with Rare Work from Galliano, Versace, McQueen, and Westwood

Inside Arc | to Open with Rare Work from Galliano, Versace, McQueen, and Westwood

So excited about Inside Arc, a new fashion exhibition at the London College of Fashion’s Fashion Space Gallery from 11 May – 28 July 2018. Rarely-seen vintage work by designers such as Alexander McQueen, Versace, Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano will be on display, curated by Polona Dolzan from The Arc archive.

The Arc is a working archive of garments, accessories and other fashion paraphernalia Jennefer Osterhoudt has amassed throughout her career, starting from the 90s, when she worked with Alexander McQueen and John Galliano as an accessories designer in Paris. Co-created by stylist Nick Royal, the constantly expanding archive is a valuable resource regularly sought out by established designers and stylists for photoshoots and campaigns.

Nick relates when he found out that she’d worked for Galliano and McQueen, “I became totally obsessed with hearing stories about them all – it’s those stories that motivated us to start the archive.”

Jennefer explains, “I’m especially excited for people to see excerpts from my ‘Bible,’ which has been my main tool throughout my career as an accessories designer, and something I took to my very first interview with McQueen. I always brought my treasured finds from San Francisco back to Paris and London and shared them with Galliano, McQueen and the other designers I’ve worked alongside as inspiration. I think, to them, it was really valuable to be able to see the real American culture that they had no access to.”

The exhibition highlights the eccentricities and rarities from the archive, including elaborate toiles in luxurious fabrics, and gives insight into the complex and labor-intensive techniques used by couturiers to create such unique pieces as the ‘Evita’ jacket worn by Madonna in her 1994 ‘Take a Bow’ video. Also on display are rare handmade invitations, 100 backstage passes from 100 shows, crafted prototypes, as well as a wall of photographs of Jennefer’s vast shoe collection. Go let yourself be inspired by the works that have informed iconic and contemporary image-makers.

Inside Arc to Open with Rare Work from Galliano, Versace, McQueen, and Westwood

Curator | Polona Dolžan
Commissioner | Ligaya Salazar
Designer | Jennefer Osterhoudt
Stylist | Nick Royal
Graphic Designer | Dennis McInnes
Set Design | Robin Shepherd