Iris van Herpen

'Symbiosis' Spring 2021

Review of Iris van Herpen’s fotoserie ‘Symbiosis’ Spring 2021 Campaign by Creative Duo & Photographers Lieve Maria Eek & Marthe Bodil Vos of Creative Agency Maria Bodil

The visionary world of Iris van Herpen comes to life in a beautiful, collaborative photography project. The campaign was created by Maria Bodil, a new creative director duo composed of Lieve Maria Eek and Marth Bodil Vos, who both share the roles of director and photographer.

The imagery combines the photography of this talented duo with digital 3D design from studio Post Neon. Expanding on the idea of symbiosis suggested by van Herpen’s stunning fungi-inspired designs, the team creates a stunning homage to the creative and restorative power of the natural world. In a beautifully desolate landscape, delicate and regal figures coexist like a fragile fungal ecosystem.

Iris van Herpen has played a significant role in shaping the visual world of Björk through her many collaborations with the singer, and we can see the influence of the iconic Icelandic songstress’ vision here – particularly from her music video for “Black Lake,” where she creeps and croons around a volcano crater while clad in an IVH gown. As the models rise from fertile ash like new growth, we can see in the imagery a cathartic and musical harmony of nature, woman, and technology.

Both the imagery itself and its collaborative production point to an inspiring coexistence of nature and technology.

Iris van Herpen is one of the industry’s leaders on sustainability (to say nothing of the aesthetic excellence of her designs). The editorial beautifully captures that ecological consciousness, guiding us out of a world of nature ravaged by technology, and toward one of symbiotic harmony.

Iris van Herpen Creative Director | Iris van Herpen
Agency | Maria Bodil
Creative Director/Photographers | Lieve Maria Eek & Marthe Bodil Vos
Art Direction | Kilian Vos
3D Design & Concept | Post Neon
Models | Riva Keuning & Latoyah Alleyne
Stylist | Tobias Heinrichs
Hair | Latoya Velberg
Makeup | Marije Koelewijn
Casting Director | Michiel van Maaren
Set Dresser | Isabel Evangelisti
Producer | Itai Verhoeckx

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