IRO | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

There are those few and far between fashion houses that can make simple look strong. IRO is one of those said houses, who season after season manages to present a straightforward and alluring campaign that draws the eye without a heavy hand or overworked concept.

That hand is guided by Creative Director Ben Kelway of Ben Kelway Studio. One of fashion’s best kept secrets, who toils away in his London office with the focus of singularity to make right with little. Just look at the logo work here. For IRO’s latest campaign the creative has once again teamed with long time IRO campaign photographer Collier Schorr. The combination of both talents this season is focused on presenting model Luna Bijl in good light. It’s not an easy feat on a cloudy day in Brooklyn under the parkway as The Impression can attest to firsthand. But light is exactly what is subtly interesting within the campaign as just the right amount of shadow, tone and contrast are evident in this finely cropped and art directed campaign.

Schorr also shoots slightly up, giving Bijl a touch of empowerment. Stylist Halley Wollens also doesn’t overplay her hand while allowing the simplicity of tucking in and a belt to keep the house on trend.

Overall the campaign is clean while being forward and shot in the street no less with a minimal logo. Now that is talent.
Agency | Ben Kelway Studio
Creative Director | Ben Kelway

Photographer | Collier Schorr
Model | Luna Bijl
Stylist | Halley Wollens
Hair | James Pecis
Makeup | Petros Petrohilos
Location | Brooklyn, NY